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Interior Design

MR. MITCHELL offers an end-to-end service with a focus on transparency, accountability and effective communication. Our well researched systems provide customers with a sense of clarity and control, and the assurance that they are in the trusted hands of experienced professionals.


Interior Styling

Whether you require your property to be professionally styled for sale, for a photo shoot or to complete a comprehensive design package, we can help.


With access to premium hire items and an expansive network of suppliers with whom we collaborate, we can provide you with a complete service from space planning to the final placement of a perfectly curated artefact.

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MR MITCHELL is unashamedly obsessed with beautiful textiles and the sculptural form of a well-crafted object.

Whilst we understand the importance of spatial planning, well-designed joinery and expertly documented schedules, we know that it is the decoration of a space that gives it personality, warmth and appeal.


Interior Decoration

Retail & Hospitality Design

We take great pride in getting to know the people who work behind the bar or counter, and make sure that the finished space is a good reflection of the product being served or sold. Having worked with some of the best branding companies in Melbourne, we are well experienced in producing well considered commercial projects that are both highly functional and visually exciting.

Office Design

MR MITCHELL has produced a number of highly individual office fit outs over the past couple of decades. Rather than adopting a standard approach to the interior design of corporate spaces, we enjoy creating schemes with creative use of colour, unique furniture and lighting options and invariably a touch of humour and fun. We understand that you spend most of you time within those office walls, and want to make your environment as warm and inviting as possible.

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