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First renovated by MR. MITCHELL in 2005, this landmark hotel was due for a complete refresh. An exciting new design concept was inspired by the existing architectural detailing of the 1927 building. Geometric shapes repeated in the first floor windows provided a striking reference point for a number of design elements throughout.

The environmental impact of the refurbishment was a key consideration. Wherever possible, existing furniture and materials were repurposed, refurbished and recycled.


“From the first day of the design process, I found MR. MITCHELL to be particularly receptive to my ideas, thoughts and concerns about the renovation and redesign of our Melbourne pub and cocktail bar. A strong sense of direction was forwarded, whilst all my suggestions were taken on board and carefully considered.”

- Anna Musker, owner The Railway Hotel

City Hotel_6
City Hotel_5
City Hotel_2
City Hotel_4
City Hotel_1
City Hotel_3

Photo credits : Andrew Wuttke

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